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Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective channel for keeping current and potential customers up to date with business and product news.

You need more than a newsletter platform, you need a solution that automates your email marketing processes and increases the efficiency of your business.

There are a few simple tricks to help you create a newsletter that will be opened, read and get high engagement.

Newsletter subject

The first step to creating an amazing newsletter is to open it. You need fun and interesting subject lines that inspire people to open your newsletter.

Generate orders with compelling CTAs

Email can bring additional revenue to your business by directing readers to your website to make a purchase.

An exceptional newsletter requires relevant content

Provide your audience with highly relevant content, including tips and tricks such as a guide to decorating your home.

Turn subscribers into customers with beautiful, easily created newsletters sent based on people’s interests and their interaction with your brand.

Now that we’ve gone through the basic outline of a newsletter, it’s time to move on to the second part:

Customer Journey.

Every customer is different, has different interests and interacts differently with your brand. That’s why it’s necessary to build a subscriber base based on common interests, tailoring your emails to their interests. This will increase the newsletter open rate and the sale of promoted products.

The first stage of an effective Customer Journey is a Welcome eMail.

First impression is the most important! Take advantage of this email by welcoming the new subscriber in a professional way that gets your brand noticed.

Welcome email should be sent instantly

A high rate of openness and interaction with the business is generated by the first email sent to a potential customer. This is why it is necessary to send it immediately after subscription. Either when a potential customer wants to subscribe to your newsletter and receive information about your products, or when they have purchased something from your website.

Include a benefit in the first email

Take advantage of the high open rate of your welcome email by including a relevant promotion or special offer that will bring additional revenue to your business and engage the subscriber from the first.

Every welcome email starts with a template. Create a welcome email with a ready-made, mobile-optimised template, ensuring your email looks great on any device. The email template will represent your brand and it needs to be eye-catching, easy to navigate and relevant.

The design of a newsletter needs to be engaging, airy and tell a story alongside the text content in it. You’ll need contrasts so that every element is visualised and nothing in the content, both visual and text, goes unnoticed.

At the end of each email newsletter you need a call to action button that encourages the reader to learn more about your brand and products. You need a compelling button with a short message that contrasts the whole design.

Don’t stop at the first email! Continue developing your Customer Journey with a series of emails relevant to your audience, such as promotions, seasonal offers, news or helpful tips… any kind of content beneficial to your subscriber and your brand.

As mentioned above, it’s necessary to divide your subscribers into groups with common interests in order to build messages that are relevant and engaging to them, thus ending their interaction with your brand with an order… or more.

Use Analytics and Data Learning reports to make informed decisions and intelligently optimise the results of your email marketing campaigns.

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