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How to communicate effectively in Social Media?

There’s a lot of talk about marketing products or services on social media, but the truth is that this isn’t the hardest part. Communicating your brand is the real challenge! Most people think you just need a social media page, a catchy name and logo, and a few posts are enough.

In reality, however, this is easier said than done. Social media marketing takes a lot of work and time to get customers to trust your brand. There’s no point even talking about having to prove your credibility time and time again and show customers the extra value you offer.

And that’s just the beginning! Getting customers to buy your products or services takes more!

If one of your biggest social media challenges is finding ways to get your brand noticed, today we’re showing you some ways you can communicate effectively with your potential customers.

Develop tone of voice

Once you have your brand in place, you need to develop its tone of voice. You’ll want to make sure your brand’s personality comes through in every post, so your followers don’t confuse you with… other brands. That said, it takes a little practice to develop a clear identity and communication.

Things will get easier along the way, and once you have the above in place, it will be much easier to interact with your customers.

To make it easier for you to understand what effective communication entails, here’s what you need to bear in mind from the start:

Your target audience

When developing your social media marketing strategy, identifying your target audience is key. Diverse audiences and modern times need to resonate with your brand. Make sure you develop a communication strategy that is appropriate for your target audience.


Your target audience will only trust your brand if it is consistent and authentic in its communication. Make sure you don’t try to copy another brand, this will only lower your credibility.

Brand values

What principles and values does your brand stand for? For example, if you want your brand to represent integrity and honesty, then your social media communication should reflect the same. We know it sounds simple, but it’s vital to the success of your business.


Develop visual identity

One of the best ways to communicate and make your brand known is to use visual content. It is already known that social media platforms prioritise visual content. In fact, Facebook has become the largest photo-sharing site, with its users uploading around 350 million photos every day.

Numerous studies have shown that people tend to interact more with visual than textual content. According to a survey conducted by Adobe and Software Advice, using images is one of the best social media marketing tactics for brands. But beware, your brand identity needs to be reflected in each one.

Oh, and one more piece of information to get you shaping a strong visual identity – the human brain tends to process images 60,000 times faster than text.

You see… marketing also contains some components of human psychology.

Post on social media regularly

People tend to forget you quickly if you don’t make your presence felt. If you don’t post regularly, even your loyal customers will slowly slip into the hands of your competition. As a rule of thumb, you should post on social media 3-4 times a week to ensure you maintain effective communication with your followers.

Don’t forget that maintaining effective communication is really… communication. It won’t be enough just to post quality material and showcase your brand on social media. Respond to posts, respond to comments and make people understand that there are real people behind your brand who are responding to customer needs.

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